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Superfast Broadband

What is Superfast Broadband?

In Westerham we already have broadband, which means it is always ‘on’ and we can use our phone and computer at the same time, for a fixed price.

As usage increases standard broadband may not be sufficient to cope with today’s modern (and younger!) families who are adopting an internet-dependent lifestyle, from streaming films, uploading photos, watching catch up TV, or participating in on-line gaming.

In the work place, connectivity is vital to the smooth running of any business today, and as companies look to reduce fixed overheads and increase productivity, smaller premises with modern facilities will become increasingly attractive, as will home-working communication. Westerham is well placed to benefit from this swing, with our superb location and lovely working conditions.

Superfast broadband is just what it says – faster. It enables different devices to connect to it at the same time. For home or work, superfast connectivity is reliable, and available.

What speeds are necessary?

In Westerham we have the download speed of up to 16 Mbit/s and upload of up to 1 Mbit/s. The broadband speed you need will depend on what you want to do and how many people there are using your internet connection at the same time.

768 – 1.5 Mbit/s Basic email, slow web browsing, voice over internet protocol
1.5 – 3 Mbit/s Streaming music, internet television (eg iPlayer), video, remote surveillance, telecommuting
3 – 6 Mbit/s File sharing small/medium files
6 – 10 Mbit/s Online gaming, video on demand (eg LoveFilm)
10 – 25 Mbit/s Telemedicine, remote education, high definition
25 – 50 Mbit/s HD video surveillance
50 – 100 Mbit/s Video conferencing, remote supercomputing
> 100 Mbit/s Real time data collection, real time medical image consultation

The faster your broadband speed, the quicker all these activities will be. With superfast broadband you receive a consistent reliable service regardless of the number of people using the internet in your home or business so one person can be shopping whilst another is video conferencing.


Westerham already has ideal working conditions: close to the infrastructure of motorway, airports, train services and London, yet on the doorstep of fine countryside, the town has much to offer new business looking to relocate. As business looks to reduce crippling city overheads, it will become more reliant on technology for communication, including video conferencing and fast upload speeds. The ability to offer superfast technology will allow Westerham to market itself to business much more effectively. Success will lead to increased employment opportunities, as well as boosting productivity of existing business.

With superfast broadband you can:

  • receive a more reliable and consistent service, irrespective of number of users
  • boost productivity by uploading faster
  • make telephone calls using your broadband internet connection instead of your telephone line, cutting the cost of both your local and long distance telephone as well as offering extra functions and flexibility
  • save time and money by using video conferencing instead of travelling to meetings
  • run your own business from home, reducing overheads on premise costs
  • use the latest and best business software including ‘cloud computing’ services such as instant data back-ups, taking away the hassle of security and upgrades
  • cut down on your energy use and save money as cloud computing means less need for energy hungry servers at every office

Home Use

A superfast broadband connection to your home enables you to send and receive data to your computer much faster making the following activities much quicker and easier:

  • downloading films, music and e-books, uploading videos and photos or enjoying online gaming
  • participating in social media and on-line community websites
  • shopping and banking online without being dependent on shop or bank opening times
  • calling family, friends or colleagues face-to-face with high definition video and webcams. Calls can be free to another PC or significantly reduced to a landline, great if you have friends or relatives living outside the UK
  • working from home just as effectively as from an office 
  • taking advantage of the increasing number of distance-learning courses
  • using new ‘telecare’ services which can help some people needing care to be able to continue to live in their own homes.

Superfast broadband means you receive a consistent reliable service regardless of the number of people using the internet in your home so one person can be shopping whilst another is watching catch-up tv.


Faster broadband allows local people to become more active within their community by making it easier to be involved with local groups.

Superfast broadband makes it quicker and easier to:

  • update community group websites to keep members informed
  • find out what’s happening in your area or community, for example, fitness classes, local groups such as horticultural or scout groups or follow local planning applications
  • create or access parish council websites which highlight issues in your area and increase community involvement and democracy
  • save money on the cost of printing community and group newsletters by emailing members

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Westerham Town Partnership wishes to thank “JDK Marketing Communications” for their help in preparing the poster and flyer to support the “Westerham Fast Broadband” campaign. Jonathan Kearley Managing Director said “We rely on the internet for the majority of our work for clients  plus running campaigns for them here from Westerham so anything that improves our internet would be a great help and keeps us competitive.