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24th May 2014

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10th April 2014

Superfast broadband: Nearly a full year ahead of plan, 3 out of our 10 cabinets are now live: Westbury Terrace/Croydon Road, Flyers Way and o/s Springfield Cottage, High Street. If you are connected to one of these you can access superfast broadband now, with the others imminent.

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27th February 2014

Inside a cabinet. WTP emails OpenReach & KCC to ask for precise timings.

Power on extreme left, DSLAM in the middle, Fibre termination is the beige box, patch board on right. Bottom right corner you can just see a dark hosepipe looking thing with a yellow stripe up it. This is the (currently empty) fibre tube. The cabinet now has power and the equipment (power supplies, Huwawei DSLAM and a copper patch panel) installed. He was running the multicore copper cable across to the ordinary phone cab 7. So that is also done now.

HOWEVER: the Fibre has not yet been blown into the tube from the exchange to the cabinet. So this still has to happen. He didn’t give a specific estimate on timing for this. But we are getting closer! My guess would be 1-2 months for “ready for service” now.

Remember, when it becomes available, you don’t have to buy your FTTC from BT Retail (whose FTTC product is called “Infinity”). You can buy it from many many other (probably better) providers.

28th January 2014

Good news for Westerham’s broadband availability at long last. The roadworks pictured in Croydon Road are for a new cabinet, to allow FTTC Internet services to be installed. Westerham is on the 2014 BT rollout plan, but this work is considerably earlier than expected. FTTC will allow up to 80 megabits/sec downstream and 20 megabits/sec upstream (or more if bonding multiple links together). Remember these facilities will be made available to a variety of providers who buy services from BT Wholesale and not just BT Retail with their “Infinity” branded product. At mid February, Westerham now has two boxes installed, the other one being outside Crown House, to serve all the businesses there and in the Industrial Park. Brasted also has two new boxes along the High Street. It is not certain when FTTC will actually be live, but not long now!

5th November 2013

For the email from WTP to George Chandler, KCC Regeneration Projects Manager, click here.

4th November 2013

Roll out plans announced KCC October 2013. Based on current project projections, the 2336 premises in TN16 1A should receive the following after rollout:

– 95% of premises should get fibre and/or superfast broadband
– 5% of premises should get basic broadband

Rollout in Westerham is currently Phase 4 (between October 2014 and March 2015)

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24th September 2013

Email from Mark Dance to WTP ‘To be brutal this means you cannot influence the phasing of the roll-out as if we allowed one area to do so, we would face similar requests from everywhere else…What you can help us with, however, is specific intelligence over the issues local people face and what likely uses they will make of better broadband…We intend to publish the phasing of our roll-out plans within the next few weeks

Click here to read full email

18th August 2013

Email from WTP to Mark Dance, click Here.

15th August 2013

Letter from Mark Dance to Westerham Town Partnership, click Here

1st August 2013

Westerham Town Partnership letter to Mark Dance, click Here

25th July 2013

Chronicle article saying decision making ‘not a popularity contest’.

2nd July 2013

Number of votes stands at 621, still 3rd in Kent. July project update from KCC can be viewed here. KCC expect BT to start deployment in October, following extensive survey.

22nd May 2013

Campaign hits the front page of the Westerham Chronicle.

24th April 2013

Meeting between Peter Cowen & Annette Thorpe (BT) & members of Westerham Town Partnership & Westerham Council: Survey being carried out Kent-wide; no decisions made yet. We are advised to continue with our Petition signing campaign, and to seek further updates & support from officials with whom we are in touch.

18th March 2013

Kent and Medway sign superfast broadband deal.

Full announcement here

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