Your Westerham – The Future

Your Westerham - The FutureAt the end of 2008, Westerham Parish Council in conjunction with Kent Rural Towns asked for volunteers to get involved with their Healthcheck process for our town.

The group gave this project the title:

Your Westerham – The Future

The aim of our Healthcheck was to analyse the town’s strengths and weaknesses, to consult with everyone who would like to add their voice, and to identify projects which might qualify for funding – and to try to build a collaborative vision of an even better Westerham. …and then help to make it happen.

Final Report – April 2010

To download the Final Report, which was presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in Westerham Hall on 12th May click here. (It may take a few seconds to download.)

To read the Village Design Statement, created by the Westerham Society in 2000, which is referred to in the above report, click here.

The Healthcheck Process during 2008/09

Our Rainbow Logo A small group of new volunteers and parish councillors jointly held a public launch meeting in October 2008 where we talked about the process and dragooned a few more wonderful folk to join the ‘health check’ team.

We began, as other towns have done before us, by undertaking a series of surveys. Our volunteers split into four groups to pull together a wealth of detailed information about the ‘health’ of Westerham’s economy, social & community arrangements, transport, and environment.

Lesley MooreA steering group was established in October 2009 and Lesley Moore was invited to co-ordinate the activity of the workgroups. Lesley later agreed to also chair a steering group for the health check process, which is made up of the key/lead volunteers from the workgroups, some parish councillors, colleagues from Kent Rural Towns, and anyone else who wishes to become involved and contribute.

At the Rotary Fair on The Green 2009…

Fair on the Green 2009Much great work has been taking place in-between group meetings, lead by the volunteers with energy and enthusiasm to make things happen. Great new connections between organisations are being established and the advantages of collaboration between individuals; small organisations, public bodies and private businesses are already being enjoyed and put to good use.

Amongst the most exciting developments were: 

  • The aspiration for Westerham to become a Transition Town: e.g. improving our environment by having traffic that causes less trouble/local product sourcing etc. Find out more at
  •  The emerging collaborative culture in which people communicate, co-ordinate;supporting traders and businesses, the activities of our many societies and clubs and this volunteer group Your Westerham – The Future.

The Healthcheck Study Groups and Worksheets

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