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  • Christmas Lights

    Westerham at ChristmasThe Town Partnership works to support the Town Council, which is responsible for the Christmas Lights, to improve our display. We have sponsored most of the eve and gutter lights along the buildings, and you will spot them expanding every year! 

  • Social Media and Town Event Promotion

    The Town Partnership maintains this website, the Facebook ‘Westerham Kent’ & ‘Westerham Neighbourhood’ @westerhambiz, @visit_westerham Twitter sites, and Street Life profile, using posts to promote events and news in Westerham.

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  • Westerham Website

    The Town Partnership, supported by generous volunteers, e-Commerce Specialist Pretty Perfect Group maintains this website.

  • Proud to Do Business In Westerham

    The Westerham Town Partnership CIC, which runs the VisitWesterham website, Westerham Kent Facebook, Twitter @visit_westerham & @westerhambiz has invited membership of a group to try to support footfall and the economy of Westerham, ensuring Westerham remains a vibrant town centre to visit, work and shop.

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  • Events 2018

    Beating the Bounds and remembering the 100 years anniversaries of votes for women and the end of WW1 were the highlights of 2018. We also sent hours analysing the various issues raised by the applications by ‘Which Way Westerham’ and the Covers Farm restoration Read More

  • Events 2017


    Live on The Green! A series of chilled music afternoons on The Green July 22nd, August 19th and 16th September 2017Alice’s Eggscellent Adventure Trail and Harvest Hullabaloo Trail and Late Night Shopping were organised by us, too…Rotary Fair is supported and advertised by us, and Beating of the Bounds is organised jointly with the Westerham Society…. and and lots more events over the years…. 

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  • Talking Heritage Trail


    Talking Plaque James WolfeUsing smartphone technology, the Town Partnership is developing a proposal to make our statues and buildings ‘talk’ and install small plaques to indicate an audiotape.

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  • Westerham’s Future: ‘Which Way Westerham’ and Covers Farm Restoration

    ‘Which Way Westerham’ documents submitted to Sevenoaks District Council deal with the proposals for houses and infrastructure in Westerham. Here is a potted history of publications so far




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  • Traffic, By-pass and Congestion

    Westerham Town Partnership continues to liaise with interested

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  • Moorhouse Planning Application 2018


    moorhouseestagentsbdThe Roxhill plan for DPD depot at Moorhouse (Redland Tile)

     PERMISSION REFUSED  8 March 2019.   

    Tandridge District Council has posted this notice on their website.

    Watch the Planning Committee meeting here

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  • Late Night Shopping

    The Town Partnership has provided the forum and management structure to support the ‘Proud to Do Business’ Group to stage this annual event. In 2017 Father Christmas and his team of trusty elves came along to switch on the Christmas lights, with retailers welcoming customers with treats, to start the seasonal festivities.

    For the photo album, click here.

  • Westerham’s Town Crier

    Westerham’s Town Crier was commissioned by the Town Partnership, to make special announcements for us. Mrs Town Crier also coached Churchill School children for the annual Maypole Dance which takes place on The Green after Beating of the Bounds

  • Our Carved Companions

    You may have noticed some carved companions around town – commissioned by the Westerham Town Partnership. Guaranteed to bring a smile to visitors’ faces!

  • Verrall’s Corner Phone Box

    A few years ago, Westerham Society adopted this phone box from BT. Westerham Town Partnership decorates the resident dummy in seasonal clothes, from time to time. Keep your eye out for its next change of costume!

  • How Are We Spending Our Money?

    Westerham from the southWe thought you’d like to know where money (raised from the market, events and Proud to Do Business) is going. We have funded several projects, with more in the pipeline.

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The market is taking a break, since we lost our fruit and veg stall (to a happy retirement!)

King George V Field Memorial Pavilion & Riverside Development

Summary of Results of King George V Field Consultation

See the Full Report.

Westerham’s Jubilee Noticeboard

The Town Council commissioned a new noticeboard for The Green in 2012, when the old one rotted through. The Town Partnership designed, commissioned and updates the content.

Tourism and Town Promotion

The Town Partnership uses its social media and website to encourage tourism and visitors. This means liaising with local Associations such as the Retailers Association,Tourism Organisations, The Press, Specialist Organisations, for example Walking and Cycling Groups, Government and Local Agencies.

Westerham Life and Events 

Through the Website and Facebook, and by feeding Your Local Directory and other Press, the gathering and dissemination of news of Clubs, Societies, Services and articles of interest is maintained in an effort to enhance the Westerham experience for its residents and business. The Town Partnership acts as Publicity Co-ordinator for Events, with particular emphasis on encouraging co-operation to strengthen the Town message.

Support for town initiatives

The Partnership actively supports the activities and events of others. We support other groups and societies in Westerham, such as the Festival of Christmas Trees run by St Mary’s Heritage Trust to support the church building, the Beating of the Bounds, run by the Westerham Society to raise cash for the hanging baskets, and other events, as they arise. We do this by helping with planning, publicity, erection of safety netting, providing amp and speakers: in short background infrastructure support.

Parking Group

See the Partnership’s Parking & Amenities Policy Doc . View the FULL TARIFF.

The spill over car park, extending the Darenth Car Park into the field to the east, at times of high demand, has been successfully trialled. Planning permission has been granted, and funding is in place. Work is expected to start imminently, to lat grassprotecta. We will have up to an extra 70 spaces. WTP will be developing a signage and lighting ‘best practice’ policy. Following our negotiations, new parking charges are confirmed from 1st April 2015 as:

3 hours free in the Darent car park.

Extension of staying time in the Croydon Rd and Fullers hill to 3 hours (from 2 hours).

Both these will encourage the longer term shopper – or those who want to shop and eat….

Pop & Shop in the on-street central spaces: a half price reduction for the 1st 15 minutes (old price 20p for first  30 mins, new price 10p for first 15 mins then 20p for 15 – 30 mins). After that swift turnover is encouraged, to stop the valuable central spaces being clogged up, with increases after the first 30 minutes.

Superfast Broadband Campaign

Superfast BroadbandThe Partnership held discussions with BT and KCC and campaigned for votes to support the KCC ‘Make Kent Quicker’ petition. BT announced 95% coverage for Westerham which has now arrived, over a year ahead of schedule, following our campaign. Detailed information on the Superfast Broadband page.

Charman’s Farm Brewery/ Winery Planning Application

Read the Westerham Town Partnerships’s response to this proposal. Planning has now been granted, and the Town Partnership is actively supporting the joint venture between Squerryes Sparkling Wine and Westerham Brewery. In due course we will be negotiating how to support the marketing of the Farm as a ‘Destination’, and, with the National Trust, the possibility of a Park & Ride to encourage visitor flow to the town centre and to Chartwell.

Sevenoaks District Council Economic Development Strategy Consultation

Click here to view the Consultation Document.

Westerham Town Partnership has responded to this consultation (Sept 2014). Click here to read the response.

Summer 1914

The Town Partnership provided the forum to allow various interested groups, including the Royal British Legion and the Retailers to support Summer 1914 event in July 2014. This weekend event was designed to depict life in Westerham just before the outbreak of War on 4th August. For more information click here. For the photo album, click here.

Talk of the Town – 4th/5th/6th September 2015

Bringing Westerham’s past characters to life – this was a weekend long event to raise funds to make some of our statues and buildings ‘talk’ using smart phone technology! The weekend delivered a rich assortment of music, a chance to meet and talk with costumed characters, to learn about what it was like to live in Westerham in times past. Visitors enjoyed the activity quiz, exhibitions at the Royal British Legion, family entertainment and much more!

The weekend culminated in ‘The Talk of the Town’ cabaret which included music from local Andrews Sisters tribute act ‘Blue Dominoes’, Music Hall troupe Morven Rae, Poetry and Prose, a little magic from veteran Fergus Anckorn, (the youngest member of the Magic Circle, captured by the Japanese in 1942 and forced to work on the infamous Burma Railroad) and a group from Sir Richard Stilgoe’s Orpheus Choristers for the conclusion of what was a memorable weekend. For more information click here. For the photo album click here.

Annual Meeting 9th May 2013

1½ hours went past in a flash. Residents got together with people from our varied organisations and businesses to eat, drink, talk and generate new energy and ideas about ways to improve our special town. Particular interest emerged around:

  • Creating an indoor craft fair
  • Improving the local footpaths and their signage (under discussion)
  • Leveraging the Darenth Valley Project
  • Improving Broadband (successful campaign)
  • More stalls at the market
  • Entering Best Village competitions
  • Creating a Community play (this has now been metamorphosed into Talk of the Town event following failure of grant application)
  • Fund raising events for town causes
  • Creating a visual map of parking arrangements (now underway)
  • Beefing up the winter & summer flowers (now underway)
  • Adopting the phone boxes from BT (complete on Verrells Corner with dummy and in town with defibrillator)
  • Tidying up signage
  • More salt bins (written to Council)
  • King George’s playing field: a cycle path on that could double up as a running track or path and an outdoor gym, as well as an imaginative and extensive play area for children; public toilets; and dog fouling policed and fine
  • Resurrecting the Annual Open Day for Westerham town residents at Chartwell, as per previous years and Winston’s expressed wishes (already in existence)

Westerham is a place rich in people with skills, expertise and imagination. The Town Partnership actively works to enable each different & diverse offering to compliment the activity of others. We are all volunteers and highly value everyone’s unique contributions, how-ever large, small or medium sized. Involvement is rewarding, free of expectation, and seriously appreciated.

The Partnership intends to get sharper at ensuring we seek everyones’ help in our searches for people with interest and expertise in new projects and ideas; and our next annual meeting will be held in a more accessible venue ensuring the attendance of those with restricted mobility. You can get in touch with us by emailing info@visitwesterham.org.uk.