Dorothy Oram Obituary

Thursday 23rd May, at 2.30pm A memorial service will be held at St. Mary’s Church

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Dorothy Oram earlier last week, aged 93.

Many of you will know Dorothy through her involvement with the Westerham Society. Formerly Deputy Head of two large comprehensive schools, once in Westerham, Dorothy served on Westerham Society’s committee for well over a decade and attended the Town Council’s planning meetings in order to report back on local planning matters.

Dorothy was passionate about Westerham, its history and its sense of community and she was vocal on all these points, too. Many of you will remember her impassioned plea at the end of last year’s AGM, when she gave a rousing call to rally the membership, young and old, to come forward with new initiatives. She volunteered for all manner of jobs, be it stacking chairs after lectures or delivering newsletters around Westerham, no matter her advanced years. With a lovely turn of phrase, she penned many poems, including one on Flanders Field and another celebrating Englishness. 

Many of you will have seen her in action at St. Mary’s Church and also as a Chartwell volunteer and steward, where she worked on Mondays and Saturday for some 15 years. A fount of information, she conveyed her deep knowledge with eloquence and verve to anyone lucky enough to listen. Warm, tactile and full of energy, we are sad to lose one of Westerham’s great characters. How fitting, then, that patriotic Dorothy should leave us on St. George’s Day.

A memorial service will be held at St. Mary’s on Thursday 23rd May, at 2.30, followed by refreshments in Westerham Hall.