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Your Westerham – The Future: Business Study

Westerham GreenThe Business study group was Ray Barr, Peter Cashmore, Wendy Evans, and others.

Westerham currently enjoys a wonderful selection of shops. Indeed, as a resident of Westerham all one’s daily needs could be satisfied within walking distance.

Westerham lies on the east-west A25 and is within a few miles of junctions to the M25 at Godstone and Sevenoaks. There are also North-South routes through the town which carry traffic from Croydon, Biggin Hill and Bromley to Edenbridge and Crockham Hill.

All of this traffic makes the world aware of our attractive town.

The town’s shops need support from local visitors and tourists. The east-west traffic on the A25 becomes unacceptable when there is a problem on the M25 motorway, and the town becomes very unattractive when there are stationary queues.
Could a bypass be selective enough to just divert HGVs and persuade 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled traffic to still come through the town centre?

To see the current questionnaire, look at the Business Worksheet.