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Your Westerham – The Future: Environment Study

View SE from ChurchThe Environment study group was led by Debra Edwards, assisted by John Pearch, Robert Merrylees and Stuart Merrylees.

Westerham has a wealth of lovely buildings set in wonderful countryside which is well-policed as Green Belt.

A Village Design Statement was produced by the Westerham Society in 2000 to record the pertinent features which characterise Westerham and its many listed buildings. It is available from the Parish Office.

The town’s main problem is traffic. The east-west traffic on the A25 becomes unacceptable when there is a problem on the M25 motorway, typically from accidents on the Clackett’s Lane stretch.

To quote the Village Design Statement:

A hiccup on the motorway equals a thrombosis in the town.

To see the current questionnaire, look at the Environment Worksheet.

Green Issues

Our restaurants and pubs would like a way to recycle their glass.

We are looking forward to discussing Green issues and the ideas of the Transition Town.