Before the First War

Life in Westerham before the First World War

Westerham Green 1907

These pages will attempt to describe life and events for in Westerham at the beginning of the 20th century. We hope that shops and businesses will help to commemorate the daily life of their own premises in Westerham at that time. If you know something interesting about Westerham, please contact us.

Local preparations…

28 October 1913 – First Official Inspection of the Westerham Voluntary Aid Detachment in the Public Hall by Major W.B. Fry R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps).

Census Information for houses and shops 1901 and 1911

The following census information has kindly been transcribed from original documents by Bill Curtis.

1901 Census – District 16
High Street NORTH (East to West) Valence, Quebec Square, Church Alley, The Green, Fullers Hill, Hortons, Moretons, Madan Rd, Force Green and Pilgrim House School

1901 Census – District 17
London Rd (Fullers Hill), Southbank, Rystead Lane (now Croydon Rd), Farley Common, Westbury Terrace, High Street NORTH (West to East) plus bits of Croydon Rd

1901 Census – District 18
High St SOUTH (East to West) Hosey Hill to Squerryes Estate

1911 Census – District 15
Going down London Rd from Costa RHS all round Force Green, Valence Dunsdale then back up Vicarage Hill round the Green to Costa again

1911 Census – District 16
Going East from The Grange, Duncans Yard, Market Sq, London Rd and Westerham Hill LHS, turn L into Pilgrims Way, then Croydon Rd then High St to New St, Farley Lane, Farley Common, High St (North), New St, Stratton Terrace, Westbury Terrace

1911 Census – District 17
Going East from next door to Bank Cottages, Lodge Lane, High St STH, Vicarage Hill, Mill Lane, Quebec Sq, Hosey Hill, Squerryes Estate, High St STH to Bank Cotts