Greensand Commons

The Greensand Way

The Greensand Way is a long distance path that runs for 100 miles from Haslemere in Surrey to Hamstreet in Kent. It follows the Greensand Ridge along the Surrey Hills and Chart Hills.  Along the ridge there are historic areas on Common land.  Two such near Westerham are at Hosey Common and Farley Common.

In 2017, Kent Wildlife won a Heritage Lottery Grant to restore some of the original character of these areas.  To read more see


Hosey Common and Kennedy Gardens

This picture shows a fallen tree which has sprouted towards the light, despite the fact it was blown over in a storm.

The Gardens of Hosey date back to 1815 when ‘commons waste’ was mapped-out and  ‘allotted’ to the families of the poor of the district whose husbands had fought for Britain in the Napoleonic wars. Enclosure of commons waste was being established in rural areas throughout the country at this time, and represents the first of many enclosure acts established through agreements between the Crown and manorial landowners  in the nineteenth century.

Traces of the allotments – worked by Westerham families until the 1960’s – can still be seen today.  

Here is a map from the 1930s.








Farley Common



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