‘Keeping You Informed’


Meeting 24th May 7.30pm in Westerham Hall, hosted by the Town Council. This will focus only on the various strands of planning currently going on which may affect the future of our town. What’s going on with Sevenoaks District Council’s Local Plan? Why is it important? How will it affect Westerham? What’s happening with the Moorhouse site? And the Covers Farm sandpit? The Green Belt, need for housing? What’s the Community Infrastructure Levy, and what can it be spent on?

The Leader of Sevenoaks District Council, Councillor Peter Fleming, will be there and, as following the elections on May 4th, we will have a new County Councillor representing us on KCC who will be joining us.

Our aim is to share with you what we know, be clear about the things we do not know and when they might become clearer.

It’s important that as your elected representatives, we know your views, so that we can represent them as best we can wherever we can as this process lumbers on.

If you have any points you know you’ll want to raise – whether you can be at these meetings or not, then do email to the Council Offices or phone 01959 562147 or drop in between 9.30 and 12.30 Monday to Friday.