Linden Homes Development

Parking at the Madan Road/London Road Junction

The Town Council has been receiving a high number of complaints from residents regarding obstructive parking at the junction of Madan Road/London Road. It is believed that the vehicles may belong to workers of the Linden Homes Development on London Road.

Westerham Town Council have been in contact with Linden Homes, Sevenoaks District Council (SDC), Kent County Council (KCC) and the police. Linden Homes are raising the issue with the site manager. SDC have advised us that the Highway Code rule that drivers should not park within 10 metres of a junction is advisory and is not enforceable, although they have asked their wardens to take a look. If parked vehicles are preventing other road users from passing the police can use their highway obstruction powers. We would urge residents to call their non- emergency telephone number 101 to report such instances. We have also sought the assistance of our PCSO.

The Town Council has approached KCC to find a longer term solution such as installing restrictions to protect the junction, for example double yellow lines. KCC has informed us that this location does not meet their assessment criteria, so the Town Council is exploring other avenues of funding to install such a scheme.

Linden Homes has advised that complaints about parking and all other problems should be emailed to or call Mark Thompson, Site Manager on 0771 267 6082. 

We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and the item will be on the next Highways and Lighting Committee Agenda to be held on April 24th.