Moorhouse Planning Application 2018


moorhouseestagentsbdThe Roxhill plan for DPD depot at Moorhouse (Redland Tile)

 PERMISSION REFUSED  8 March 2019.   

Tandridge District Council has posted this notice on their website.

Watch the Planning Committee meeting here

2018 Application and some key responses as at  22 Feb 2019

Moorhouse Redland Tile Site – key objection words are ‘severe adverse effect of traffic’; ‘no special circumstances’ in an area of AONB; ‘no sustainability’; ‘inappropriate location’ damage to Westerham’s economy and fabric of ancient buildings – surrounding roads too narrow and not designed for current volume. The veracity and assumptions made in the applicant’s ‘Transport Analysis’ are challengeable.

This is the third application for this facility at Moorhouse.  The first, in 2015, was rejected by Tandridge District Council.  The second, in 2016, was withdrawn a few days before the Tandridge planning meeting.  This is the third application, in 2018, two years later.   In Jan 2019 a number of modifications to the height of the building and landscaping were proposed as 2018/1792/1

Download key documents from Roxhill/DPD’s Moorhouse website , which gives you access to the Transport Assessment and all its appendices as one file (828 pages), in a format which is easily searchable.

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2016 – the previous application

Photo of Protest 23rd September 2016 thanks to Neil O’Brien.

Planning permission for the first application in 2015 was refused by Tandridge District Council. In July 2016, a second application was submitted. In partnership with the Westerham Society, the Town Partnership hosted a meeting on 29th June 2016 with Roxhill, developers of the site at Moorhouse, DPD , the distribution company, and their planning agent.

Moorhouse Redland Tile Site – key planning words are ‘severe adverse effect of traffic’; ‘no special circumstances’ in an area of AONB; ‘no sustainability’ – no transport, and damage to economy and fabric of Westerham Society; ‘inappropriate location’ – surrounding roads too narrow and not designed for volume. The veracity and assumptions made in the Transport Analysis is challenged in many objections.

Read the Town Partnership Objection here  Points covered include: Severe adverse effect on Westerham Town Centre and approach roads of traffic volume; on green belt; on AONB; on Air Quality; on economy and fabric of Westerham Society

Read the Town Council Objection here Points covered include: Severe adverse effect of traffic volume at 250 LGVs and Catastrophic at 400 LGVs; flawed traffic volume  and vehicle movement analysis; harmful effects failure under Local Plan Policies DP2 (B) DP4 (1) and DP8; AONB failure under NPPF policy paras 115 & 116; EU and UK Air Quality Policy; sustainability failure under NPPF and Local Plan Policies DP1 and DP5(4)

Read Town Partnership Traffic Report 2016 here This describes and evidences Westerham’s issues with traffic volumes

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Read Westerham Residents’ Association Objection here; June 2016 Traffic Survey here; Appendix 1 Stoke Geopost/DPD site location here This response analyses and challenges figures in the Traffic Analysis part of the application.

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High Court judgement Nov 2nd 2016: the Government, by law, must cut the illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide suffered by dozens of towns and cities in the “shortest possible time” See article

Surrey CC Highways recommend refusal 17-11-16 See full objection

Kent CC Highways recommend refusal 18-11-16 See full objection

Letter from SORE to Guy Innes, to Guy Inness (Titsey Estate) 14th December 2016

Letter from Guy Inness (Titsey Trustees) January 2017 to Donald Payne of SORE

Letter  February 2nd 2017 from Alan Wesley, Chair of Westerham Town Council to CEO of DPD 

Response February 27th 2017 from CEO of DPD to Alan Wesley Chair of WTC

Email 29th March 2017 from WTP to Charles Blake, Roxhill 

Response 31st March 2017 from Roxhill to WTP


Roxhill is applying for a 60,000 sq ft site at Moorhouse which will be just like the new ones DPD has opened at Dagenham, Stoke and Cardiff. See

These sites, called super-depots, can currently cope with 25,000 parcels a day so it is reasonable to suppose Moorhouse will grow to that size, or bigger.

Parcels will arrive at Moorhouse overnight (the developers admit to 33 HGVs) and will come from two hubs in the Midlands, via Jct 6 at Godstone.

The delivery vans (LCVs or LGVs) are Transit size and hold on average 100 parcels. They are mostly owner-drivers so you can deduce they will need 250 vans going in and out in the morning and back in and out again late afternoon/evening. Vans collect parcels as well as deliver and take them back to Moorhouse for onward shipment.

This equates to 1000 extra LGV vehicle movements a day, mostly at peak periods.


The document (which is a searchable pdf copy of the document on the TDC website) shows a new layout for the junction at Moorhouse (see page 103).

This shows the road will be widened in front of the Grasshopper Inn so a new sleeper lane can be created for westbound traffic turning right. The same plan shows that the western end of the lay-by will be closed to eastbound traffic. Westbound traffic (inc HGVs) leaving Moorhouse is now shown as exiting from this end of the lay-by.


It is not clear from the application whether the lay-by would continue to be available as a pit-stop.


See proposed area coverage here. The applicant’s strategy appears to be to create a new super-depot called “Westerham” which will serve a wide range of postcodes shown in the map. It would appear that increased capacity in these areas cannot be handled by existing depots, so there is a plan to offload some of their geographic allocation to “Westerham”. To reach eastern destinations or the A21 to go north towards Bromley or south to Tunbridge Wells, a vast majority of the LGV traffic will have to go through Westerham.

To go to the Tandridge website to read all the documents in the full application submitted by Roxhill (2016/1036)  click here. These documents have all been scanned,  and may take a long time to download.   To read a pdf copy of the Traffic Analysis section for this second application, click here

The WTP has submitted comments, including a list of material planning issues by the 22nd July  deadline, (this may be extended) and publishing them here. Read Town Partnership Traffic Report 2016 here  This covers all points relevant to Westerham