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  • All aspects of both conservation and restoration up to and including the delicate and detailed: window tracery, statuary, brickwork, stucco, lime mortar, pointing and render, stone replacement etc. are well within our scope. As are, of course, the more mundane and everyday
  • All work on heritage and listed buildings is carried out according to the most rigorous of approved standards and we have worked on Lambeth Palace, the British Museum, the House of Commons, Polesden Lacey, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle among many others
  • Modern buildings, including those featuring concrete, are still very much part of our remit


Combining new technology and traditional craftsmanship, cleaning is a major part of our work. Whether as the first stage of full restoration or an end in itself, our expertise spans the centuries, extending from historic buildings and monuments to the brick, stone and concrete of modern homes and offices; from weather-stained marble memorials to the final clean of a newly finished facade

Our Cleaning Team is available for single projects, emergency call-outs and planned maintenance.

  • When cleaning historic and/or listed buildings we always use material-specific techniques and treatments
  • All our cleaning procedures are Industry approved and we carry the relevant accreditations required for the use of cleaning systems including TORC (JOS) and DOFF
  • Our clients have a choice between these systems and more traditional, equally effective, cleaning techniques
  • We offer specialist, post-construction facade cleaning
  • Once cleaning is finished, or as a preventative measure, we can apply appropriate protective coatings and impregnations, invisible or decorative


Limestone, sandstone, granite and marble – in all their variations – have been used in buildings for millennia and their upkeep requires specialist care and craftsmanship.

  • We are experienced in the repair, restoration, conservation, cleaning, carving and replacement of all natural stone
  • These skills are also regularly called upon in new build projects


Stucco also has many variations from traditional lime/sand mixes to the oil-based blends of the C.18th; from Roman and Portland cements to today’s acrylic renders.

  • Our work includes repair & restoration, precast and on-site replacement, cleaning and painting


Architectural Faience – glazed terracotta tiles and mouldings used externally or internally – is regaining favour among architects but most of our faience work is in restoration, cleaning or replacement. Our faience restoration skills were employed during the recent multi-million pound renovation of London’s Savoy Hotel.


From pointing to repair and replacement; from cleaning to repointing, brick is one of the materials we most frequently encounter. And it is also the most varied, requiring an in-depth knowledge and skilful application.

  • While we leave bricklaying to the bricklayers, we are experts in mortar, pointing, repointing, cleaning, restoration and replacement


Though thousands of years old, concrete is the material of the modern built environment. But many of the concrete buildings erected in the last hundred years are in trouble, suffering from spalling, discolouration, efflorescence, acid staining etc. Their cleaning, repair and restoration therefore requires similar levels of skilled and careful craftsmanship.


Stonework isn’t all vertical and there’s nearly as much stonework under our feet as there is in front of our eyes. Our expertise covers Yorkstone and brick paving; polymer-based terrazzo; the flagstones of medieval quadrangles; the composite flooring of a modern atria etc..


Similarly, not all of our work is external and our specialist skills are equally applicable to cleaning or restoring, say, an Adam’s fireplace; exposed internal brickwork; the ornate detailing of historic and contemporary interiors or the polished concrete of modern floors and walls.prelude

1 The Courtyard, Market Square, Westerham, Kent TN16 1AZ
T: 01959 580360

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