‘The Courtyard’ @ Westerham Hall

W/C 30th November Orders We’re back! Order now for meals, at cost, delivered to your door by volunteers. Last orders by Thursday please. Available for anyone who might benefit. Just click here for the menu , note any allergies, and remember to return your containers

Please mark the quantity of each dish you want in the column on the right. We will deliver Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, chilled, on Monday at about 3:15pm and Thursday, Friday and Saturday, chilled, on Thursday at about 3:15pm Sunday’s Roast Dinner will be delivered hot on Sunday at about 12:15pm

Either phone your order through or send it by email by Thursday, 19th November, last orders! Phone: Tania 07808 783681 or Email: info@thecourtyardevents.com We will send a bill at the end of each week