‘The Local Plan’ – Issues and Options Consultation by SDC

Residents in the Sevenoaks District are being urged to have their say on a new Local Plan which will help guide what can be built and what should be protected in the District up until 2035, in what is called the Issues and Options consultation. 
Sevenoaks District Council is running the consultation from 3 August, with residents able to view information on the Council’s website and then share their thoughts until 5 October by filling out a survey, which will also be sent to every household in the District and publicised in a special edition of In Shape, going to every District household in August. Drop in Session at Westerham Council Office 14th September 2 – 8pm View the submission by the Squerryes Estate to this consultation here

The Local Plan needs to achieve a balance as many residents want to continue to protect the rural nature of the District, being 93% Green Belt, with others voicing a need for additional employment, new medical, community, retail and leisure facilities. 

Alongside transport and infrastructure, the plan considers needs for all types of new housing to ensure that the right mix is provided in the future. 

The work carried out so far by the Council suggests the Green Belt can continue to be protected by providing homes and space for businesses in existing built up areas, with the Green Belt only being considered where land has already built on (known as brownfield land) or in exceptional circumstances.The first step to forming the new Local Plan is to ask people who live, work and relax in the Sevenoaks District for their opinions. We have tried to identify the ‘issues’ that the District will face over the next twenty years, based on the evidence we have gathered so far, and suggest ‘options’ for dealing with them. We are consulting on the high-level strategy for the future development of the District, rather than consulting on the future of individual sites, which will take place in early 2018.

The current consultation runs from 3 August until 5pm on 5 October.

Fill in the form which will be delivered through your door, or read more and have your say on-line here