WADS Performance: The Last of the Haussmans

Wednesday 2nd – Saturday 5th May in Westerham Hall. ‘The Last of the Haussmans’ by Stephen Beresford. Directed by Jeff Adams

Plays about the legacy of the 1960s are becoming increasingly common. The
Last of the Haussmans
 is the latest in this genre. Written by Stephen
Beresford this is his first play, he is an actor himself and knows how to
write whacking good parts for actors. 

The setting is a dilapidated art deco house on Devon’s south coast. Its
chief occupant is Judy a old hippy who is recovering from a minor cancer
operation, which reunites her with her family. Her waspish daughter Libby,
has just been dumped, she  has her own caustic daughter Summer in tow and is
anxious about her inheritance. Judy’s gay son , Nick, a former drug addict
living from hand to mouth ,seems even more desperate. Throw in a dodgy local
doctor and a troubled local teenager, Daniel, and you have a house filled with
emotional as well as physical chaos.