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Friday 7th June 7.30pm in Westerham Hall  ‘The Magic, Mystery and Madness of travelling in Latin America’. A presentation by Latin America travel specialist David Gilmour. David is a travel specialist and tour leader in Latin America.

David’s introduction to Latin America will include travellers’ tales like: Colombus claimed to have seen a mermaid; off the coast of Argentina one of Magellan’s crew caught sight of a giant; Raleigh talked of an encounter with a tribe of headless men in the jungles of South America (but might have been smoking something at the time) and more.

He will pose the question ‘What has Latin America done for us’ (Apart from tango, salsa, son, merengue, samba, calypso….) He will also tell us about modern travellers return with exciting tales of their own….tour leading at a time of transition from dictatorship towards democracy; riots in Rio; an encounter with Nazis in Paraguay; derailment in the Bolivian jungle; curfews and chaos in Peru; hyperinflation and the Shining Path. The challenges of working in an unpredictable region prone to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes; coups, counter-coups cocaine and corruption. Difficulties such as recessions, 11 Sept 2001 and the Zika virus. Phew!

This is a talk guaranteed to give us plenty to think, to be amazed and to laugh about too. Do try to come.

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