Westerham Theatre Goers Club

Thursday 25th July 3.00pm Nigel Slater’s ‘Toast’ at The Other Palace Theatre. If you’d like to join  the mailing list, do check out our website and enjoy a full year’s membership for just £5 p.a. (£8 for a couple)

This critically acclaimed autobiography by Nigel Slater is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Mrs. Slater is suffering from chronic asthma that prevents her from preparing proper meals for her family. She is forced to resort to tinned food and…toast. After her untimely death, Nigel’s father continues in a similar cooking fashion until Nigel decides he’s had enough with ‘eating what’s put in front of him.’ Hungry and armed with a spatula, Nigel competes with his stepmother to win over his father’s heart.