Westerham’s Future: ‘Which Way Westerham’ and Covers Farm Restoration

‘Which Way Westerham’ documents submitted to Sevenoaks District Council deal with the proposals for houses and infrastructure in Westerham. Here is a potted history of publications so far

Letter from Henry Warde 13th April 2018  ‘As you know for the last two years we have been listening carefully to all the feedback our initial proposals have been receiving.  It’s only now we are at the stage where we are confident that what we are proposing for Which Way Westerham is a sustainable, viable and deliverable project.  

On the Which Way Westerham website or YouTube channel I give an introduction to the project, and we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks as we release video content on important topics for Westerham.’

Westerham Town Council Statement following full Council meeting 11th December 2017 Read here

Emerging Masterplan exhibition January 26/27th 2018, Read more here . Town Council comment in February newsletter

SDC’s Local Plan- Issues and Options, specifically publishing proposals for Westerham, can be accessed here

KCC’s Scoping Request for Covers Farm, and its supporting documents can be accessed via this link

Then search for ‘Covers Sandpit’ and ‘View Full Details’ of the latest application dated 8th June 2017. Then select ‘Documents’ to download the Scoping Request and supporting documents, together with Decision (17th August) requiring the inclusion of more specific comment in planning application reports. At the 18th August 2017, the documents were as follows:

KCC SCO SE 0164 2017 Decision
Scoping Request
Appendix 1 Geotechnical Assessment Report (1)
Appendix 2 Technical Note
Appendix 3 Ecological Assessment

Sevenoaks District 2017 Local Housing Needs Study

Statement from Westerham Town Council Newsletter September 2017 Read more at WTC website

Keep Westerham Green is a “group of residents eager to fight against the rapid, massive and unsustainable development of this beautiful market town”. Their website is here: Keep Westerham Green ; follow updates on the KeepWesterhamGreenGroup Facebook group

Which Way Westerham Online Platform by the Squerryes Estate for ‘Which Way Westerham?’ which includes response to claims made by Keep Westerham Green, commentaries on developments as they arise and an opportunity for anyone to comment.

Letter from Henry Warde ’10 Facts’ September 2017. Read here

Westerham Town Council Statement following Which Way Westerham Survey 31-10-17 Read here