Beating The Bounds

Beating the Bounds of Westerham Parish

and the Annual Rotary Fair

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2019 from 8am

Walking routes and map (updated for 2019) can be 
downloaded below

Choose any part of the route, clockwise or anti clockwise – the choice is yours!

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Beating The Bounds

The Westerham Society and Westerham Town Partnership are delighted to welcome families, groups, friends and visitors to join the residents of Westerham in checking our boundaries are still in place! Residents and visitors can explore our wonderful countryside, enjoy the views and the spring weather. The Scouts make a welcome return with their Family Section and fun Quiz (on the north east part of the the trail) Join the community for a Maypole Dance by the children of Churchill School, with food from Westerham Scouts and Westerham Sea Cadets, live entertainment and refreshments on The Green in the after 11am, all coordinated with the help of Edenbridge and Westerham Rotary, who are bringing their annual Rotary Fair to the Green the same day.

Walking starts any time after 8am.    The day is free to enjoy, although donations in the buckets in aid of the town’s hanging baskets will be gratefully received.

Of course, anyone can download the route cards (see below) and follow the route of the old parish boundary at any time, but spring will truly be in the air and it will be a chance to invite friends and relatives to Westerham for an unusual day out. Everyone taking part in any of the activities or walking groups does so at their own risk.

All the way round…

A group from Westerham Ramblers will leave Charmans Farm checkpoint/parking spot (just off Beggars lane) at 8:30am and will go anti-clockwise (to get the “up” of Westerham Hill out of the way early in the proceedings).  They welcome anyone who’d like to join them to tackle the whole circuit, (about 12 miles or so) and friendly dogs are also invited!


The Family Section  

The Scouts make a welcome return with their Family Section and fun Quiz (on the north east part of the trail, from the top of the North Downs) 

 If you want to join an informal walking group from the top of the North Downs, you are welcome to join Anne, who will be getting the 246 Bromley bus from the Green at 10.25 getting off at The Avenue and walking via Charman’s Farm back into town across King George’s Field.  (3.5 miles altogether, takes about two hours) This section from Westerham Hill to Charman’s Farm (the site of the new Squerryes Winery and Westerham Brewery) has some wonderful views from the North Downs.


To Chartwell…

Another group, led by Elaine, will leave the (Big) Grasshopper Inn at Moorhouse at 10am to walk to Chartwell (about 3 miles). Make your own way to the inn and meet Elaine at the BTB checkpoint in the car park. The plan will be to get the 246 bus back from Chartwell to the Green at 12.19.

Rotary Fair on The Green…   

maypoleMaypole and Morris Dancing from Churchill School children, will be performed at 2pm and again at 3pm, under the expert eye of Liz Scholey.  Our Westerham Town Crier, John Scholey, will be leading the music.



Expected Order of Events:
11.00 Fair opens with Ian Fox on keyboard. Sea Cadets are ready with food.
11.30 New Young Talent – Knowle Academy and James Yoxall 
12.00 Punch & Judy
12.30 New Young Talent – Knowle Academy and James Yoxall
1.00   Punch & Judy
1.30   Westerham Sea Cadets parade
2.00  Maypole & Country Dancing from Churchill School
2.20  Belly Dancers
2.45  ‘The Strummers’ Ukulele band
3.00  Maypole & Country Dancing from Churchill School
3.20  New Young Talent – Knowle Academy and James Yoxall
4.00  Ian Fox reprise

We will be joined this year by Edenbridge and Westerham Rotary, who are bringing their own annual fair to the Green from 11am. For more information please contact Zena Belton at

Westerham Groups

The organisers are keen for others in the community to join in the festivities and we’d like to invite your group to bring a small table, notice, or just a person for our marquee on The Green in the afternoon. The aim is to showcase your group’s activities to our visitors, and perhaps sign up new members. If you’d like to join in, please reply and we’d be delighted to reserve a space for you.

If you have any questions please contact Zena Belton at or Stuart Merrylees at


Walking Routes and Documentation

The Westerham Society and Westerham Town Partnership hope you enjoy the walk, but cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage arising out of, or connected with the Beating of the Bounds event.

Route Card. Detailed notes for walking in either direction can be downloaded by clicking here for clockwise directions or here for anticlockwise directions.

These have been updated for 2019 and there are two changes you should note. 

Midway on route from Westerham Hill to Charmans (the Brewery) you must keep going further uphill follow public right of way, and not take right turn (the notes will tell you where).

From Charmans to French Street, the route goes over private land in the Valence/Dunsdale estate, rather than over a stile into Park Farm and up Pipers Green Lane.  We regret that this particular variation of the regular BTB route will only be available on the day, as it is not a public footpath.

Click to download a printable map.


BTB Sketch Map

Please send us your photos!

The Westerham Society and Westerham Town Partnership thank all the volunteers, musicians and organisers for their efforts. We hope it is a fun day out for all the family.  Photos from previous years come with  thanks to Pete Anstock, April Richer, Darren Hayes, Beth Mullings & Jane Bowes

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Photo Album 2017  Photo Album 2016,  ITV’s News coverage 2016Photo Album 2015Photo Album 2014 here and Photo Album 2013 here.


A bit of History

Beating the Bounds of a Parish is an ancient tradition, based on the need for inhabitants to know the extent of their land, before the days of maps. The people, led by the vicar and choirboys, would walk round the boundary, checking that the boundary stones were in place, and making sure that everyone, particularly the young, knew where the boundary lay. The Vicar would also bless the land in the hope of a fruitful harvest.

The earliest record of this in Westerham is on 22nd May 1718. Trees and posts were marked with the letter W.    Again in 1758 and again in 1805, mentions are found in the parish archives. Read more…

Westerham Heritage Collection

Photos of Bygone Westerham will be on on display in the main tent to launch the Westerham Heritage Collection, which sets out to archive thousands of old pictures and documents about our town.  The Westerham Society launched this new website in February 2018, with the aid of a grant from the Lottery Fund. 

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