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Westerham and Crockham Hill Community Play

Westerham and Crockham Hill Community Play

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March 2015 update: A message from Marril Gibson, Chair

Dear Volunteers and Friends,

We have had an uphill struggle for funding and have recently heard that our attempt to get a substantial grant from the Arts Council has again been unsuccessful, although their report was very positive. This is naturally extremely disappointing and has had a profound effect on the project – which has been shelved for the moment!

However there is a strong feeling within the Steering Committee, Finance and Script Research Teams that this eighteen month process has already had a positive influence – and will give us the opportunity of creating theatrical performances for and about Westerham and Crockham Hill based on the research and ideas/themes suggested by the author.

Very exciting ideas are already emerging, and there are plans to stage an event over a weekend this September and we would very much like to include as many volunteers as possible from those of you who have supported us.

Best wishes, Marril

See what we were planning in 2014:

There is another Drama Search Workshop on the evening of Monday 15th December from 7 – 10pm, in the School Room behind the Congregational Church – this is open to all comers – it is great fun and will help us with the theme of our Play. Please come and support us.

On Saturday 24th January 2015 we are holding  an “Ad Hoc Round the Clock”  all day improvisation workshop in the Village Hall, Crockham Hill, culminating in a public performance; this is also a fundraiser so please apply for sponsorship forms. Visit the website to get involved. Read the first  Newsletter.

Lantern Making Workshops

Thursdays 4th and 11th December – Crockham Hill village hall

Come and make your own unique lantern using traditional materials of withy and tissue paper. People will be on hand to help. You can make a simple pyramid or box lantern in a little over an hour or by arrangement make something more complex, either on your own or with a group of friends.  Further Workshops can be arranged for you group or organisation You are then all invited to join the Lantern Processions at St Mary’s Heritage Trust Carols on The Green on Sunday 7th December 5pm.

Drama Search

Monday 15th December 6.30 – 9.30pm School Room, Congregational Church

Drama SearchCome and join a fascinating workshop with theatre director Jon Oram, and playwright Stephanie Dale to explore emerging ideas around our Community Play. A Drama Search is an attempt to gain a deeper understanding and meaning of real events from Westerham and Crockham Hill’s past. Using our imagination and natural ability to empathise we will use a simple style of improvisation to provoke discussion. Community actor/ improvisers tom Claque Theatre will be on hand to play out scenes we suggest. Those who want to join the improvisation are welcome, but what is most important is your presence to share your thoughts and interpretations. The aim is to inspire Steph to write a play that expresses the heart and feelings of our town – it can’t be done without the experience of people who live here. No real knowledge of the town’s past, or improvisation is necessary. Bring yourself and your life experience and enjoy the adventure of contributing to a premier play about and for Westerham & Crockham Hill.

Ad Hoc Around The Clock

24th January 2015 9.30am – 9.30pm

Ad Hoc Around The ClockFund Raiser for Westerham & Crockham Hill Community Play. Participants get themselves sponsored by family and friends to undertake a 12 hour workshop where they will learn to perform comic and narrative improvisation The workshop culminates in a totally improvised public performance. Led by Jon Oram, he stresses that no prior experience is necessary. You will be amazed at what yo can achieve! Public Performance at 8pm. To sign up and get your sponsor form, email

About Jon Oram

Jon OramAfter attending thirteen different schools, Jon left to join the circus before attending Froebel Institute to train as a primary school teacher. Although disillusioned with the education system he found great value in educational drama and its use a teaching tool across the curriculum…

He has directed or written thirty five community plays throughout the length and breadth of Britain, In Europe, Canada and The United States.

Jon’s vision of a community play sets out to ask local people what they value in their town and suggest their own ideas for a play.  A professional playwright is often recruited to help create the script and Claque provides resources to help train everyone:

There will be a Script Research Team, Musicians and Singers, Costume Makers, Performers, Props, Stage Managers, Marketing, Box Office, Theatre Workshops, Transport, Hospitality, Baby Sitters – and of course a Steering Committee!


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