Rotary Fair

Rotary Fair on The Green

Saturday June 2nd 2018 10.00am – 3.30pm

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22Edenbridge & Westerham Rotarians would like to thank all the stallholders, entertainers, and visitors who come together on The Green to make our Charity Fair such a success. The Sea Cadets Band and others will set just the right musical background for our homespun event, and as ever the Phoenix Sahar Bellydancers will gather a crowd. With the Slide and Rotary Games, Hook-a-duck and Punch and Judy and other attractions on the 30 or so stalls expected in 2018, the kids will have fun, the Scouts will cater, and it will be a lovely traditional Fair on The Green. Music by Westerham DJ Man Services.


                                                              10am Fair opens
                                                              11am Punch & Judy
                                                              11:30am Sea Cadets display 15 mins
                                                              12 noon Punch &Judy
                                                              12.30pm Youth Music
                                                              1pm Punch & Judy
                                                              1.30pm Sea Cadets display 15 mins
                                                              2pm Youth Music
                                                              3pm Belly dancers
                                                              3:30pm Fair closes

1719We will never know how much money was taken in 2017 but rest assured much aid was given to the charities and associations who took part. Similarly the number of visitors could only be a wild guess but Westerham Rotary were pleased to have put on a decent show for the Town, and hope to do so again in 2018!


If you would like to be involved in more events like this, supporting your local community and be part of Edenbridge and Westerham Rotary club please follow the link to our website 

If you have any enquiries about the fair or want a stall or further information please write in to

Thanks again, and looking forward to seeing you on The Green this year!

Photo Album Rotary Fair 2012
Photo Album Rotary Fair 2013
Photo Album Rotary Fair 2014
Photo Album Rotary Fair 2015