Westerham Remembers 1918


Westerham Remembers 1918

 – a journey of excited anticipation… through stark reality… to near exhaustion –

Saturday 27th October 7.00pm (canapés served) for 7.30pm

in St Mary’s Church, Westerham

Presented by Westerham Town Partnership in association with St Mary’s Heritage Trust

Tickets £22 and £17 click here. Or drop in ticket purchase help from Ibbett Mosely

Tickets include a commemorative programme, delicious canapés at 7pm, drinks

A poignant, very-personal-to Westerham, evening  of poetry, songs, readings and personal letters from ‘The Front’ to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. We remember our fifty young men who lost their lives either killed in action or as a result of their wounds or illness. We remember their grieving families along with those who lived in fear for days weeks or months under the dark shadow of ‘reported missing’ – two simple words that would haunt their every waking hour.

From a distance of 100 years it is difficult to gauge the degree of heartbreak of less than 3000 Westerham souls, but great it surely must have been. Those listed as killed ranged in age from 18 year old George Walter Allen from Mill Street to 46 year old Ambrose Langley Hunt from Westerham Hill. 19 of the Westerham fallen were married men, a further 10 were aged 21 years or younger, and remarkably, two were ordained priests.

For many of those who came home, shattered in mind and body, the war would never end. For those who had lost a son or husband, the agony would continue… 

Light a candle, each with a poppy pebble, painted by Churchill School pupils £1 

Narrators: Stephen Bridges, Lynne Proudfoot, Christine Cusick, David Whitmore
All Officers: Matthew Strange; Blanche Warde: Fiona Spearing; Rev. Sydney Le Mesurier: David Whitmore
Readings: Marril Gibson, Rosemary Pearson, Katy Secombe 
Singers: Sandra Gaynor (Orpheus Alumni) Katy Secombe 
Bugler: Steven Fletcher; Organ & Piano: Michael Barlow

Thank you to our sponsors and helpers: James Millard EA, Wolfe Garage, Ibbett Mosely EA, Churchill School, volunteers and of course St Mary’s Church